Barbischio Castle

How to reach

The Castle of Barbischio can be easily reached following the indications from the town of Gaiole in Chianti.


The castle of Barbischio overlooks the town of Gaiole in Chianti, in the Middle Ages, 'terziere' (one of the three principal members) of the military force constituted by the Florentine named 'Chianti League' [Lega del Chianti].

The first notices of Barbischio date back to 1086. In 1220, the castle and its territory were granted in fief by the emperor Frederick II of Schwabia to the Counts Guidi of Battifolle.

Together with the nearby Montegrossi, Vertine and Meleto the castle belonged to the Florentine defenses of this area of Chianti, on the borderline with the territories of Siena. The principal function of Barbischio was, thanks to its tall watch tower, to be used as an outpost. In 1230, a raid by the Sienese army seriously damaged the fortification.

Subsequently, as many castles in this area as Barbischio became the property of the powerful feudal family of the Ricasoli.  The last historical event that interested the castle was in 1478, when it was occupied by the Aragonese army.

After this event, the fortification was abandoned and allowed to go slowly into ruins. The rest of the tower has been consolidated and transformed into a private residence. Around the tower is still visible a part of the enclosure wall, and it is still well appreciable the full dominion on the underlying valley that could be practiced from here. All the area is now famous for the production of 'Chianti Wine'.