Casallia Castle

How to reach

The little hamlet "Case di Vetulonia" ca be reached driving on the S.P. 23 road toward Castiglione della Pescaia, about 500 meters from the crossroad for Vetulonia.


The Castello di Casallia (also known as Case di Vetulonia) was built around year 1.000 as conventual building then, abandoned by the monks, was transformed in a fortification.


The complex, today a farm house, consists in a mighty tower around which there are some civil buildings. These are today theresult of works restoration carried on in various times but, however, maintained for great part the original stone walls. The particular scheme highlights their original features as convent, we can easily locate the place of the church and the structures used by the monks as cells.


The high tower, originally the bell tower of the ancient religious complex, has maintained almost intact the original structure of the Middle Ages. It's a squared stone building, with scarped walls, completely built in stone, where some loopholes and windows are opened on three levels above the 'redondone'. The fourth floor is covered by a roof lined with brick, is the result of a renovation that has turned permanently the ancient bell tower in the keep.


The convent depended on the nearby Abbey of Sestinga and when abandoned, was bought by local lords who transformed the building into their residence accepting in 1331 submission to Siena.


With the fall of the Sienese Republic in the second half of the 16th century, the castle was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, though still in private ownership. From 18th century onward, a series of renovation works, went on until the last century, have changed great part of the original medieval aspect.