Cancelli Tower

How to reach

The Tower is located on the crossing place between the Upper Arno Valley [Valdarno Superiore] and the Chianti Region, just in front to the Coltibuono Abbey, at the feet of the hill where Montegrossi Castle rises.


The Cancelli's Tower, that rises isolated at dominion of the main crossing point between the Arno Valley and the Sienese territory of the Chianti Region, control the road that leads to the Montegrossi Castle, of which in origin this fortification was an outpost.

The tower, built completely in stone, with square shape and about 20 meters high is now partially incorporated in a farmhouse. Cancelli can be considered one of the best preserved of the many watch towers of the Chianti borderline, like the not far Barbischio and Albola.

(Photos: before and after restoration)